Shade Pro offers you the opportunity to surprise your customers by communicating your brand-image in a fascinating, fun and revolutionary way.

The AIR+ Inflatable Forms are the new frontier in marketing, but also one of Shade Pro’s main specializations: totems, arches, columns, chairs and tables, customized solutions and giant inflatable products, the most fun and innovative way of all time to help you to attract attention!

The use of smart materials makes it possible to create different shapes, sizes and graphic customizations, with no limits to creativity.

What are you waiting for? Unleash your creativity with the AIR + Inflatables by Shade Pro!

AIR + Inflatable Gazebos use a special “hermetic” technology designed by Shade Pro which creates a pneumatic inflatable. This means that, once inflated, the product will keep the air inside for days or even weeks!

You can finally say goodbye to annoying and noisy blowers and power supplies needed to keep the old PVC inflatables standing!

AIR + technology uses intelligent and ultra-light materials – such as TPU, DAKRON and POLYESTER – which can be inflated with a pressure of 0.4 bar. This technology creates an extremely easy and safe product to use, not to mention practical to store and transport.



The advantages of the AIR+ tents are numerous: on hot days they protect from the sun, while in the evening they shield from the cool and humidity, in autumn they shelter from light and annoying rains, plus they are always able to create angles of communication in a dynamic and 360 º way!

It can be installed and closed quickly and easily thanks to the opening valves. You will not have to waste precious time and energy for the setting up of your exhibition stand and you can use it, on the contrary, to tell your business to potential customers interested in your products or services.

All AIR+ Inflatable Gazebos are also supplied with full print printing and this allows you to have no limits in terms of graphics and color.

Using an AIR+ product will ensure your brand stands out from the crowd!

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