Inflatable seats

You can promote your brand in all possible forms! Even creating comfortable corners to welcome your customers. This type of inflatable products use a special hermetic technology which creates a pneumatic inflatable. This means that, once inflated, the product will keep the air inside for days or even weeks. AIR+ technology uses intelligent and ultra-light materials – such as TPU, DAKRON and POLYESTER which can be inflated with a pressure of 0.4 bar. This technology creates an extremely easy and safe product to use, not to mention practical to store and transport.

Technical features:

AIR+ inflatable armchairs and sofas are characterized, in most cases, by an ergonomic seat in the name of maximum simplicity. They boast a fun design and full cover printing is included in the price. They have a comfortable surface, pleasant to the touch, and sizes that change according to the models.

Model L (cm) W (cm) H (cm)
Armchair without armrests 1007080
Inflatable sofa2008580
Inflatable stool454575
Water resistant Fire resistant UV-resistant

Fast to set-up

Easy to use Printable
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