Shade Pro’s custom beach flags are an efficient and cool tool which gives your brand a special appeal.

Imagine a beautiful outdoor space, nice background music, your clients, a soft breeze and… many colorful flags that start to dance with the wind, making the event even more unique and engaging.

No words can describe the impact these flags can have on an event. They will make the difference!
Space-saving but visible. Simple but original.

Thanks to their sinuous movement and their different shapes, they always manage to attract the attention of passers-by, even those distracted and from far-away!

FlagPro are not just flags, but a new communicative way to convey messages with no limits to their application: from sporting events, to product launches, trade shows and in-store promotions!

You really only need a touch of creativity to transform the FlagPro Flags into a powerful means of communication to be used in your visibility strategies.

Comparing models:

SURFBOARD Flag 220X80 280X80 470X105
Pole 250 350 570
TEARDROP Flag 176X88 266X88 266X88
Pole 250 300 350
SHARKFIN Flag 220X75 290X85 480X120
Pole 250 350 570
RECTANGULAR Flag 238×90 265×90 329×90
Pole 310 310 410


Only the use of avant-garde technologies and top quality fabrics guarantee the best printing results.

The high level of ink absorption of the fabrics which characterizes FlagPro’s products makes it possible for the colors to maintain their beauty and brightness over time!

There is something that matters even more than the flag itself: the structure!

Shade Pro uses 2.5mm thick fiberglass or aluminum rods, with great attention put on the manufacturing of the shaft housing, because the quality of the seams and stitching will determine the resistance of the flag to wind and tearing.

Shade Pro will also provide you with an XL base equipped with the “Rutor” fixing system and a bag to be used for carriage and storage.

All these technologies allow FlagPro’s products to always be sturdy, stable and long lasting.

They will look like new even after years!

A lot of visibility, little investment

The FlapPro products, which go from 2 to 5 meters in height, offer many opportunities at low costs. The high level of penetration of the colours make it so that the printing on one side soaks through to the other side at a 95% rate. By adding on a second layer of fabric, both sides could eventually be personalized.

The promotion of your brand, your project or your company couldn’t have been easier!

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