The flags designed by Shade Pro combine exclusive materials, finishes and customizations, for a unique and innovative product!

Little bulky but visible, simple but original, thanks to the sinuous movement and their shape they always manage to attract the attention of passers-by, even those more distant and distracted! FlagPro are not just flags, but a way to transcend communication and transmit messages in a lively and attractive way through an explosion of colors and without limits of application: from sports events to events, from the launch of new products to exhibition stands, exhibitions, promotions in store!

It takes a bit of creativity to turn FlagPro Flags into a powerful means of communication to use in your visibility and engagement strategies.


FLAGPRO flags allow the customer not only the possibility to print on the sail but also to choose between the various models the most ideal shape for your brand.

All models are available in different sizes to allow the insertion of this solution even in confined and/or indoor spaces.

FlagPro custom flags are an effective and fun tool to give your brand an unmatched exposure.


SURFBOARD Flag 220X80 280X80 470X105
Pole 250 350 570
TEARDROP Flag 176X88 266X88 266X88
Pole 250 300 350
SHARKFIN Flag 220X75 290X85 480X120
Pole 250 350 570
RECTANGULAR Flag 238×90 265×90 329×90
Pole 310 310 410

Only the use of state-of-the-art technologies and first choice fabrics can guarantee maximum output during printing. The high ink absorption that characterizes the FlagPro Flags will ensure that the colors preserve all their beauty and vividness over time.

But there is something even more important than the flag itself: the structure!

Shade Pro uses fiberglass or aluminum rods with a thickness of 2.5mm, with great attention to the packaging of the rod housing since it will be precisely the quality of the seam to determine the resistance of the flag to wind and tears.

Shade Pro will also provide you with an XL base equipped with the “Rutor” fixing system and a durable bag to be used for transport and storage.

All these technologies allow FlagPro Flags to be always straight, stable and particularly resistant to wear. They will appear as new even after many intense uses!

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