The control and direct coordination of the entire production chain – thanks to an extensive network of consolidated partners – allows us to satisfy any customer’s demand in terms of supply, time, budget and customization with uncompromising quality and competitive costs.

The use of high-level raw materials guarantees the durability of the products over time.

We use the most advanced printing systems and are able to offer solutions tailored to the customer: there are no limits to creativity, and we can help you turn your idea into a project of great impact, making your events unforgettable!

There are no application limits for our products. They can be used for events, military or emergency situations, business contexts, institutional activities, promotional initiatives and much more: the high degree of customization will always make them perfect for every context and need for use.

Since the birth of the company we have been testing ourselves to offer much more than just a product. Today, we offer a complete and professional service that aims to support the communication projects of our customers.

We give them full freedom of choice and action and at the same time we are constantly present at every stage, in case of obstacles or doubts.

It’s not just another factory for us, it’s not just another business. It’s our specialty and it’s what we love to do. When we create, we are filled with ENERGY. And energy… it’s contagious.

In every detail, every stitch, every raw matertial, and every technology, we put in our energy to make sure your brand stands out.

Our catalog is able to respond to every type of need thanks to the wide range of products and combinations we meet any communication need and anticipate future needs.

Uncompromsing quality

Professional Customer care International branding

We provide a consulting service to help you choose the product or material that best suits your needs. We are next to you in the correct preparation of the file for printing and to solve any doubts.

In addition, before the purchase we will make for you a draft render with the selected items and your logo so as to give you a more realistic perspective of the final result!

For any need, we will be ready to assist and satisfy you with maximum speed via email, phone, chat and social. In addition, we automatically and free verify the basic correctness of your files. We guarantee an excellent quality service: high-definition printing, the best finishes in cutting and packaging, the use of the best materials ensuring the durability of the products.

The success of your events is the success of Shade Pro!

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