To help you setup your space in the most complete, efficient and evocative ways possible and without having to turn to different suppliers, Shade Pro provides everything you might need: chairs, table covers, walls for gazebo and much more!

If classic or inflatable gazebos are not enough for your needs, you can count on a range of accessories to make them even more impressive and captivating. Shade Pro can satisfy any need you may have by designing dedicated accessories and finding innovative solutions.

Thanks to these accessories you can always get the best from your gazebo or inflatable, transforming it and updating it over time to the point of creating a completely different product! This is the flexibility that Shade Pro guarantees!

With Shade Pro you won’t stop for any reason!

Thanks to a well-stocked spare parts warehouse and an excellent customer care service, all the information and assistance needed will be taken care of in less than an hour. Quick solutions to any technical problems or needs you may have.
Shade Pro: details make big differences!

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