Let Shade Pro surprise you with the most advanced, effective and communicative solutions on the market: a new era of gazebos starts with Shade Pro!

Thanks to the great experience and the unlimited customizations, Shade Pro has transformed the Gazebos from simple sun and rain shelters into communication spaces. Shade Pro’s products can welcome, entertain and conquer the client, as well as be adjusted to any professional, institutional, sports and commercial areas, indoor and outdoor.

Furthermore, Shade Pro’s products can be perfectly adapted to your corporate image and fully convey your brand identity using your colors, logos and assets.

They can be more or less complex, combine different technologies and materials or have different shapes, thicknesses and features.

Shade Pro uses only high-quality raw materials, and pays great attention also to environmental sustainability. Different recycled raw materials are used for the construction of the structures, from steel to aluminum to plastic joints, whereas the covers are made of polyester and natural cotton.

Shade Pro’s gazebos are designed for a long lasting use and allow you to operate easily and safely regardless of the context, surfaces and weather conditions.

Shade Pro uses the most advanced printing technology and offers you a completely new way of experiencing a gazebo. The gazebo is a must-have for all your marketing activities!

Shade Pro Gazebos are available in a wide range of shapes, colors, sizes, thicknesses and accessories in order to fit any budget and meet any need.

You also have the possibility of adding customized walls, or half-walls, transforming the gazebo into an extremely elegant and sophisticated communication space, perfect for marketing and branding operations.

The sizes range starts from 1.5×1.5mt to 4x8mt, with a 1:100 ratio between the size of the open structure and the closed gazebo.
It takes just one person and 60 seconds to open a Shade Pro Gazebo!

The gazebo comes with a sturdy hi-tech bag that simplifies its transport and storage. This helps to maintain the quality of the materials and the product’s construction over time.

Do not compromise on quality: your company, your customers and your events deserve a professional Shade Pro gazebo!

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