Gazebo Z3

Folding gazebos can be more or less complex, combine different technologies and materials or have different shapes, thicknesses and characteristics so that they can, for example, be particularly resistant to water, fire, wind and protect you from UV rays.

Technical features

The Z3 folding gazebo by Shade Pro is composed of a steel structure with a 38mm square section to ensure stability and durability. Ideal for frequent use and work.

The top covering the gazebo consists of a durable fabric of 500D with taped seams. Waterproof, UV resistant and washable. The closing walls are hooked with sturdy Velcro tapes.

Shade Pro also offers the possibility of hot or digital printing, obtaining an optimal result with bright and bright colors, to maintain a professional and unique branding.

Tent size (m)L (m)W (m)H (m)Pack size (cm)Weight (kg)
Water resistant Fire resistant UV – resistant

Fast to set up

Easy to use Printable
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