Shade Pro was founded in the early 2000s thanks to an international joint venture made up of experts specialized in high-quality products, to be used for indoor and outdoor activities.

The product line includes items designed for shelter and shading, frequently used for events, trade shows, markets of all sizes, workshops, military operations, emergencies and any situation where a temporary, practical and welcoming space is needed.

Shade Pro also offers an innovative range of display and visual merchandising to ensure an appropriate presentation of your products and your brand: gazebos, inflatable gazebos, beach flags, totems, tunnels, tables, chairs, accessories and customized inflatable shapes – from small objects to giant reproductions – in order to make the user experience as comfortable and functional as possible.

Shade Pro is the perfect partner for companies, institutions and people who want to transform their event into a great communicative moment, creating engagement and visibility.

A one-stop partner to turn to with a wide range of products and services to support your promotions and marketing strategies!

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