Shade Pro was founded in the early 2000s thanks to an international joint venture made up of experts specialized in high-quality products, to be used for indoor and outdoor activities.

We aim to provide the right solution according to your needs. We work with you to ensure that our product exceeds your expectations. The offer includes a line of articles designed to develop the communication of companies or individuals, to support promotion and marketing strategies, to help externalize the ENERGY OF THE BRAND in a disruptive way!

By BRAND ENERGY we mean the energy, sensations and emotions that a brand can make its customers feel. Realize all this with our products: folding tents, inflatable gazebos, flags and much more!

The direct control and coordination of the entire production chain – thanks to a wide network of consolidated partners – allows us to meet any customer’s need in terms of supply, timing, budget and customization, with uncompromising quality and competitive costs.

The deep knowledge of the market, the analysis of industry trends and the great attention to the needs of customers push us to the constant search for new technologies, to overcome the limits of existing ones and develop exclusive projects in collaboration with its customers.

We use the most advanced printing systems and can offer solutions to the customer: there are no limits to creativity and we can help you turn your idea into a project of great impact, making your events unforgettable!

There are no application limits for our products. They can be used for events, military or emergency situations, business contexts, institutional activities, promotional initiatives and much more: the high degree of customization will always make them perfect for every context and need for use.

Shade Pro is the perfect partner for companies, institutions and people who want to transform their event into a great communicative moment, creating engagement and visibility.


Shade Pro is the ideal partner for companies, institutions and individuals who want to turn their event into a great moment of communication, visibility and engagement. A single point of contact with a wide variety of products and services to support your promotional and marketing strategies, to help you achieve maximum visibility in a creative and disruptive way!

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