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Custom your gazebo with your logos and corporate colors.


We print in sublimation, heat sealing and full print!

What is the sublimation printing?

The sublimation printing process is the transformation that the inks undergo when, coming into contact with heat through a dedicated press, they are transformed into gas (therefore they sublimate) and are stably joined to the fabric surface.

What is heat sealing printing?

Heat seal printing is a thermal transfer printing technique.

The heat-sealed therefore uses special films, specially made to be printed and guarantee an optimal thermal transfer on fabrics.
To date, Shade Pro finds and guarantees films that are so thin as to make them imperceptible to the touch, resulting in an extremely detailed and impactful print.

What is full print?

Full print printing consists of printing over the entire covering surface of the fabric without any limitation on graphics and print sizes. This process is indelible and leaves the fabric breathable.
This type of printing guarantees total customization of the product ensuring a visual impact outside the box.

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