Custom shapes

The use of smart materials makes it possible to create different shapes, sizes and graphic customizations, with no limits to creativity.

Technical features:

The materials used are all fireproof to meet the safety requirements of both indoor and outdoor installations according to international standards. All inflatable structures are equipped with a pressurizer which forces the air inside while maintaining their shape.

Shade Pro is one of the leading companies on the Italian market both in terms of the production and sale of inflatable forms. The inflatable shapes represent an ideal solution for various types of events such as parties, sporting events, trade fairs and many other situations that require impactful and effective advertising solutions.

Using inflatable structures for events is synonymous with quality and distinctiveness regardless of the chosen context and where they are used.

The forms we design vary in shape and models and are all customizable for your needs: the customization of the inflatable forms of Shade Pro represents one of the company’s strengths and allows customers to use impactful visibility solutions capable of making highlight the brand and sponsored products.

Water resistant Fire resistant UV-resistant

Fast to set-up

Easy to use Printable

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