AIR+ inflatable forms are a novelty in the world of marketing and one of the customizable products.
This type of inflatable products use a special hermetic technology which creates a pneumatic inflatable.
This means that, once inflated, the product will keep the air inside for days or even weeks. AIR+ technology uses intelligent and ultra-light materials – such as TPU, DAKRON and POLYESTER which can be inflated with a pressure of 0.4 bar. This technology creates an extremely easy and safe product to use, not to mention practical to store and transport.

Technical features:

The AIR+ inflatable Half-Arches allow for great visibility in the context of many events including fairs, concerts, festivals and sporting events.

The AIR+ Half-Arch can be placed at the start or end of a race to signal the finish line or starting line and thanks to their size, position and bright colours, they will allow participants to easily identify the sponsors of the event.

The graphics can be applied to the arch in two ways: by direct printing on the fabric or with interchangeable banners applied to the supporting structure using Velcro.

Width (m) Diameter (cm)
Water resistant Fire resistant UV-resistant

Fast to set-up

Easy to use Printable

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