Gazebo Square+

The AIR+ Inflatable Gazebos by Shade Pro are one of the most flashy, innovative and fun solutions you could want to turn your event into something memorable!

Technical features:

The AIR+ model SQUARE+ inflatable tent is the closest design to the traditional folding tents. Ideal for those looking for an innovative but practical and effective form of communication.
The structure consists of an internal air chamber called TPU, thickness 0.3mm, and external cover in DACRON 170 GSM that will allow the product to keep air inside.
The top cover is made of a durable polyester customizable, without limits in terms of graphics and color, through digital printing thus obtaining an optimal result with bright and bright colors.
The side walls are connected and fixed to the structure thanks to the strong and resistant taped hinges.

Tent dimension (m)L (m)W (m)H (m)Pack dimension (cm)Weight (kg)
Water resistant Fire resistant UV-resistant

Fast to set-up

Easy to use Printable

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